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Diamex 7108 AGV4000 Expert OBD2-PC-Interface Diagnostic Tool

Art. nr.: 842374
SKU: 7108 | EAN: 4260102341128
Diamex 7108 AGV4000 Expert OBD2-PC-Interface Diagnostic Tool
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Køretøjs-testudstyr, måleapparater & OBD-scannere


  • Incl. MoDiag Express


AGV4000B - Expert Ultra Fast OBD2 Diagnostic interface -. Suitable for almost all cars
With this device, the CAN low-level mode is also unlocked. This CAN bus can be read and written in the vehicle at the lowest level. This mode is kompatiben the so-called "Lawicel" mode and can be used both with a terminal program as well as the popular "CAN hackers". Even the very powerful CarPort accesses this mode for diagnostics in vehicles of the Volkswagen Group. Ultra Compact tool with a USB port, fully integrated into the OBD2 connector, it does not require expensive OBD2 connection kit. All cars built after 2000 (petrol engine) or Year 2003 (diesel) are OBD2 capable. With the included protocols CAN, ISO9141-2, KWP2000, PWM VPWM and are all approved in the EU OBD2 vehicles diagnosable. Ford vehicles are between 1996 - 2004 mostly equipped with PWM. U.S. imports have VPWM. New vehicles from 2004 have largely CAN protocol. The AGV4000B has an integrated USB 2.0 (high speed) interface and can therefore be to Mains directly to a PC or notebook. This interface is via the USB interface update, and upgradeable. A stable value is herewith given. The user can later import modules or new versions on a PC software and so modify or customize the functionality. Via ID tool allows you to personalize this interface, or equipment with your company ID. Thus our own software applications are possible. The selection of the logs is done automatically and is transparent to the application software. The detection protocol and connection are executed within a maximum of 3 seconds. No interface on the market can compete anywhere near here. Built-in button on the PC interface mode is switched.


  • Modes: AT OBD2 mode, K / KL Transparent mode, CAN low level mode (Lawicel compatible)
  • OBD2 protocols in AT mode: ISO914-2, KWP2000 slow init, init almost KWP2000, PWM, VPWM, 11bit/250kB CAN, CAN 11bit/500kB, 29bit/250kB CAN, CAN 29bit/500kB
  • Available is the following application software: moDiag, OBD-DIAG, CES special edition, scan tool, Digimoto, OBD-ScanMaster, wOBD, Real Scan, test, OBD Gauge for Pocket PC OBD2 scan tool VAG.com 311 (KKL-capable) , CarPort
  • CAN hackers
  • Several LEDs for visual indication of data traffic
  • Button to switch the mode
  • Update / upgrade possible through boot loader technology
  • Personalization Duch ID code free (30 chars)
  • Serial number for each interface, thus donglebar.

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Diamex 7108 AGV4000 Expert OBD2-PC-Interface Diagnostic Tool